Adoption & Surrogacy Resources

Holding my adopted son

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Supporting Surrogate Mothers and their Intended Parents through Infant Loss Is a non-profit organization that brings support to Surrogates and Gestational Carriers along with their Intended Parents who have experienced infant loss during their journey.

American Academy of Bereavement

10 Things Every Birth Mother Wants Adoptive Parents To Know

Meeting the adoptive family at the hospital

Long-term issues for birth mothers

Attachment Disruption

Birth mothers looking for families

Child wants to meet her birth mom

Acts Of Love Adoption Agency

Lifelong Adoptions

Post-Partum Depression in Adoptive Parents

Transitioning Home with your New Baby

Adoption and Infant Grief

Post-Adoption Depression for both parents

Birth Mother Resources and Support

Honoring your child’s Birth Mother

Celebrating Birth Mothers

What it’s like for birth mothers

Birth Mother’s Grief

Honoring your childs heritage

Helping biological and adoptive children bond

Online education for foster and adoptive families

Bonding and Attachment After Adoption

Mental health of adopted children

Bonding and infant adoption

Foster care adoption

Siblings separated by adoption

Long-term issues with the adopted child

Birth Injury Justice Center has compiled the most in-depth resources nationwide. Our mission is to assist families with disabilities caused by birth injuries and provide them with extensive support resources. –

Welcoming an Adopted Child

Using the SNS to supplement while breastfeeding my adopted daughter

Adoption and Breastfeeding 

Adoption Breastfeeding Resource Website: 

Videos and additional resources: 

Supplemental Feeding System: system-sns 


Four Friends Resources




Breastfeeding Info

Dr. Lenore

Breastfeeding Info 

Support, Live Help, Videos 

Support, Videos, Blogs 416.498.0002

CDC Breastfeeding Helpline 800.994.9662 

WHO breastfeeding 

WHO relactation 

Breastmilk Donation Resources: 

Failed Adoption

6 reasons Birth Parents change their minds

10 steps to cope

Birthmothers who change their minds

Disrupted adoptions

Grief of a failed adoption

Biological Mother

The lifelong impact of adoption,information%20about%20their%20medical%20background

Adoption and Beyond

Adoption Network

Adoption Connection

Bonding with an adopted child

Nevada Law on Adoption

Find an adoption doula – global search

Adoption effects on birth mother

Learning how to settle in

National Council for Adoption

Facebook Pages

Blogs, general

From Biological Mother


Primal Wound book

Unplanned Pregnancy

Choose Zoe

Infertility, Foster, Adopt

Chasing Kites

Rape, Forced Adoption

The Swan Garden


When Survivors Give Birth